Custom Air Designs has been serving the South Florida area since 1974. We are consistently building relationships with you and your family that will continue for years int the future. From the hot and humid days of summer to the 'somewhat chilly' days of winter, we are just a call away. Our team of professionals have both the knowledge and the experience to not only treat your home or office as a part of the family, but to keep it comfortable for you and your family all year long. Refrigeration services are provided as well.


Before your air conditioner fails and requires a costly replacement, take advantage of Custom Air Designs professional diagnostic services. A Custom technician will troubleshoot your air conditioning system and locate any problems that are affecting its ability to work efficiently and quietly, and offer an on-the-spot estimate for repairs.


We provide reliable service in order to keep your home and office with uninterrupted comfort. When you are licensed and insured you are officially licensed to operate, repair and install heating, air and plumbing services and have met the requirements by the state of Florida. The workmanship is therefore provided by qualified, professionals that meet the requirements for safety and inspections. Our license # is CAC033562.


Custom Air Designs provides services like installation, sales, repairs and preventative maintenance to businesses in commercial, industrial and residential, we are able to provide help to various types of customers. Our expertise and professionalism in the field provides work that last. We are familiar with many brands of heaters and air conditioners, also refrigeration. 


At Custom Air Designs, we understand that your goal is to create a comfortable environment for your family. Our expert can help you select the model that will fulfill your specific indoor weather needs from a full line of air conditioners.


From the professionalism of our sales engineers, to the dedication of our field personnel, we are committed to delivering quality. We take our responsibility very seriously when you place your trust in us. Let Custom Air Designs make the difference today.